Tea Events this week in London 13-19 April


This week is abundant with tea events!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of new people, companies and tea lovers are doing tea related events, and you know what? It makes me really happy! I take it as a sign that tea culture is finally picking up and becoming popular. That proper tea is seen as a great way to spend time and tea is becoming a drink that people tend to choose as an alternative to coffee. My heart is expanding with joy! So here is a list of tea events this week for you! I am sure these is a tea event to suit any taste and any availability!


1. Saturday, 18 April, at 10am – Postcard Teas School - 3rd Saturday – Shades of Green – Green teas from Japan, Korea, and China£20ADAVNCED BOOKING is ESSENTIAL!

Every Saturday between 10-11am, they will host a relaxed one-hour tasting of teas from areas he has visited complete with illustrated tasting notes.

2. Saturday, 18 April, at 4pm - Chinese Tea Ceremony in Hyde Park, £15, in RUSSIAN

Tasting four great teas and learning lots about them in the beautiful surroundings of Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park. The following teas will be tasted: Shou Mei white tea, GABA oolong tea, GABA red tea and Ginseng oolong tea. Your guide into the world of tea here is the Daoist master with decades of practice and experience!!!!

3. Sunday, 19 April, 11-5pmA POP UP ORIGAMI POETRY CAFE with Tea, on Regents Canal not far from King's Cross, £10.

This event brings together a passion for tea, poetry and beautiful origami all together as a beautiful package. It includes a personalised poem on an origami model by their professional poet together with a home baked cake and lovely afternoon tea will spoil your senses. Enjoy the landscape of hundreds of flying origami  birds, floating boats and swans, and lovely flowers. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere with bird songs in the background. Add aroma to your origami with a scented paper...

£10 per person includes a poem on an origami model, a cake and a tea. Just pop in to Kings Cross, Granary Square, along Regent's Canal  N1C 4AA

4. Sunday, 19 April, 3-5pm - Chinese Tea Tasting Workshop in Waterloo, £20, in English

I have never been to one of these before, and it seems to be organised by the Chinese descendants from Hong Kong, who are passionate about maintaining and promoting chinese culture in the West. Looks lovely!

LOVE you all!!!!!!