I’m Lera and people call me the Tea Whisperer. 

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I guide curious minds into the world of Tea. Through bespoke workshops/walking tours/tea ceremonies I help others learn about its magical world and feel the art of living slowly. 

I create space for others to find mindfulness, savour the moment and see the magic in the ordinary.

Tea is a gateway to the art of slow living,
and to our movement through life with conscious intention, helping us to feel the joy in the simple moments of life and
to see the magic in the ordinary


Lera is a wonderful person and storyteller. She doesn’t only know a lot about tea. She loves it and it is her way of life. One feels very privileged to be shown the beauty of this life. And within such short time as 2,5 - 3 hours one suddenly starts feeling the tea: all its softness and depth.

I had an amazingly warm experience of the tour. Which is more - one leaves willing to learn more. That is great success of Lera. And I will definitely go on other tours with Lera and can highly recommend it to everyone.
— Anya Tara (PR)
Lera’s walks offer an opportunity to see London from the perspective you would never have thought about. For those passionate about tea it would be a double journey into the world of tea and the world of London’s coffee and tea drinking culture.

I highly recommend her Tea Ceremonies too. It’s a slow and deep diving into yourself while connecting with the tea spirit and experiencing full presence. The atmosphere Lera creates is full of love and unity.
— Julija Vraja (Bodywork Therapist)
Marvelous idea to discover London from the point of tea history, magic and rituals. What could compare with three hours spent in a company of a beautiful woman with Camellia and her passionate tea stories, incredible jokes, emotional movements, which turns tea drinking into a meditative dance of your feelings and senses of tastes?

Lera and her bespoke tea tours are a real treasure for tea culture and mastering of tea drinking. Yes, tea is generous! This generosity accompanies this tour and leaves enchanting aftertaste of inner joy and happiness which stays with you for long.
— Victoria N (Journalist)

Video/TV Appearance

My story was filmed for Air China commercial, and is a beautiful capture of what Tea Ceremony is and how it can have a profound transformative effect on our lives.

Follow the story of Lera, a tea specialist from London. We made her dream a reality with a trip to China to experience an authentic Chinese tea ceremony. When will you LandYourDream?”

Above is an episode dedicated completely to our Tea Tasting Tour in Shoreditch for a very popular Food & Travel Reality TV show called Gawlat & Oklat Mico in March 2016. It was such a fun to spend the whole day with the whole filming crew, taking them to these amazing Tea Places in London's Trendy area Shoreditch. The show is amazing and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

In this episode Mico meets Lera who has left her city job to dedicate her life to tea. Lera will take Mico on a journey to introduce him to the different kind of teas & the lifestyle surrounding it. We all know how Mico loves tea and hates coffee, Will he still love tea the same after his tour?”