What we offer

We offer Bespoke Tea Tours, Tea Workshops, Tea Ceremonies,  Private Events and Tea+ Energy Healing Sessions. Please click on the relevant window to find out more.

London Tea Tours and Walks

Tea tours and walks

We offer weekly scheduled group tea tours as well as bespoke ones tailored to your needs and preferences. There are Tea Tasting Tours, Tea and Lifestyle Tours, Immersion in Senses Through Tea and Tea Tours based around Tea History.

Bespoke Tea Workshops

bespoke tea workshops

Whatever your need we can offer Bespoke Tea Workshops for you. Main focus is Introduction to Chadao and The Way of Tea, immersion into the world of senses and practical choices and uses of Tea.




VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing + Tea Medicine Sessions

We also offer 1-to-1 Vortex Energy Healing + Tea Sessions

Tea Ceremonies and Meditations

tea ceremonies

Tea Ceremony is a beautiful ritual that slows us down and connects us to ourselves, others and nature. Through Tea Ceremony we start seeing Magic in the Ordinary, in the mundane and are able to feel and experience life more fully.

Tea Retreats
Private Tea Events

private tea events

We offer private Tea Tours, Workshops and Tea Ceremonies and tailor them specifically to your needs. 







Tea Ceremony is a great addition to any yoga, meditation and other kinds of retreats.