Full Moon Women Tea Gathering


On Tuesday, 22 March 2016, 8pm, we will have our first Full Moon Women Tea Gathering. Not only it's the full moon, which signifies completion and is an ideal time for letting go of things that you no longer need. It is also going to be a Full Lunar Eclipse too, in the sign of Libra. A Powerful Combination, the one that brings with it the potential for great illumination.

On such night there is a strong connection with night sky and the ability to prophecy. This Lunar eclipse brings an aura of peace and tranquility, and carries a very potent balancing energy.

At every full moon, the whole world is illuminated by the essence of the Great Feminine. This is an great time to come together as sisters in authentic heart, to celebrate our gratitude and abundance, and to share the blessings of the sacred herbs and flowers of the Earth.

So let us share a taste of enchanted tea in ceremony, come open your heart, and let the Moon inspire you... We will be boiling water in a clay kettle on live fire, having all five elements in place. We will chant mantras. We will set intentions, and then we will let them go into the universe, relaxing into knowing that it is all we need to do. Set the intention and soften into non action, knowing it will be done.

We will be brewing Puerh Tea. Firstly, large leaves from ancient puerh trees right in the teapot on fire. And then a 2002 Puerh Tea from 1,200 year old trees. It will create a powerful connection to the sky, to the nature, to the earth, and most importantly to ourselves, and into the flow of life.

Please note, that because this is a private residence places are limited.

It is donation based, minimum suggested donation £20, and there is an RSVP/wait list in place, so you are encouraged to receive your space by making a suggested contribution. The seating is done on the floor and we have plenty of cushions. Comfortable clothing is recommended. After tea we will share some healthy snacks. And you will take a Tea bag with tea samples and gifts with you home!

I am looking forward to sharing a bowl of tea with you all!

If you would like to join please send me an e-mail on withtlovers@gmail.com