Our first Silent Tea Ceremony at Sunrise in London


Was it difficult to wake up for today's sunrise tea ceremony? Yes, it was. So many excuses ran through my head about why not get up and why not do it. But I overcame resistance and it was so worth it! I woke up at 3.30am, and then my helper and friend came with his bike, so we could cycle together to the location. I was a little bit questioning myself, why on earth am I doing it, when I can stay in bed for a few extra hours.. But the first minutes on the bicycle dissolved these questions and grumpy thoughts completely. It was so refreshing and magical to cycle through the empty streets in the lighting of the sun yet to come! The ride was quick and easy. It seems like everything is so close in London, when you are cycling!

The energy of the time when nature wakes up together with the sun is truly special (it was at about 4.52am today). The birds wake up and sing their songs most intensely during that hour, there are no planes in the sky, and all you hear is birds and wind rustling through the tree leaves. And the sky. Such an enormous vast constantly changing sky! You cannot help but feel part of this beautiful incredible moving universe!

Now I feel so much in my body, so present, even though a little bit tired. So blessed to have this start of the day. There were two of us today, hopefully more can join us next Sunday! These sessions are going to be regular (I hope), with the break for a few weeks at the end of July, as I am going away. If you are interested, simply write to me, and I will let you know if they are happening or not that coming Sunday!

Or you could check our site here, or Facebook page for events.

Here are a couple of photos from that session.