Sun Moon Lake Red Tea and Uluntu Flowers


Red living tea from Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan (which I got from Living Tea UK) is the perfect elevating start of the day! And with these beautiful flowers from @uluntubermondsey , which I get every time I do a tea meditation there this really is connecting me to myself and to nature... Both are wild. Wild Tea and wild flowers. Be wild. Be nature. Be you. Every Tuesday  - Tea Meditations in my home at 8pm in London. Every Thursday  - Tea Ceremony and Meditation at 1pm Uluntu Bermondsey (63 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 4TL)

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit more about Uluntu Space, where Thursday's Tea Meditations take place. Everyone always comments that it is amazing to have a Tea Ceremony, a Tea meditation not to so many beautiful and unusual flowers, because in this way it is much easier to connect to yourself and nature. Each time I use flowers from the shop for our Chaxi - the setting of the tea table. It works almost like a magic, transforming the whole energy of the tea space.

And every time after the Tea Meditation the guys tell me: choose some flowers to take home with you! And I stand there each time, not being able to choose from this variety, from these works of art, so simple and so complicated at the same time. I am always late to pick up my son from school as I it simply takes me a long time to choose! But as a result these flowers are in my home for the whole week before the next meditation! :)

Uluntu is translated as Community in one of the South African languages, and this is how this space feels! You come in, and you feel like you came to a friend's house, the guys meet you and greet you, and you will be able to have some tea there soon (from March) - a good quality tea, that gives you a state of joy, happiness and inspiration. This is going to be a collaboration of T-Lovers tea and Uluntu Bermondsey. So please follow us for more news on this!

Every Thursday there are Thursday Social events with music (Stan is also a DJ with the record collection of 5,000 vinyls in the basement), wine and socialising. Last night I went there to check it out at around 10pm for 15 minutes, there was no party, but people were sitting around the table sipping wine, talking, coming and leaving, and it did really feel like a living room of your best friends. I came for 15 minutes and barely left after 2.5 hours! And I was drinking water, not wine! :)))

Before I left Den gave me an Eucaliptus branch to take home. So my house looks as beautiful as ever with the magic touch of Uluntu Flowers. I am in LOVE. And this place is going to be perfect for tea. Amazing, living, quality tea. The opening os a tea house is planned for the 6 March. It's Sunday, and I hope I will see many of you who have been to my Tea Tours and Meditations!!!!

Uluntu Bermondsey is at 63 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 4TL.