Green tea and apricots


What can be better than having green tea and apricots for breakfast? And in this way letting a little bit of sunshine into your morning? This is more or less what I do, while it is still an apricot season. Both green tea and apricots contain enormous amount of anti-oxidants, and are a perfect way to stay healthy, slim and young.

Apricots are low in calories ( different sources say 17-40 per fruit, probably depending on a size of the apricot), rich in fiber, vitamin A, C and beta-carotine. No wonder Hunza tribe in Pakistan, who eat apricots in all the dishes (even apricot soup!), fresh and dried, fruit and kernels - are one of the longest living people on our planet!

Apricots are in season now. And green tea is ALWAYS in season. At least for me! :))