London Tea Events in July ’15


Another month is coming, the most summery month of the year, and another post on Tea Events in London is here! There are loads to choose from (20 tea related events so far in July), and this list will updates as and when the new events are created! Tea tours and walks, tea meditations and ceremonies, tea brewing masterclasses and many many more! 1. Wednesday, 1 July, at 20.00 in Covent Garden – Tea Ceremony and Gong Bath. £18

My favourite tea fairy Kat Bambul is conducting yet another magical journey into tea and gongs. Not to be missed!

2. Wednesday, 1 July, at 19.00 in Docklands - Journey of the Humble Leaf with Tea Studio, £20

Over the two hours, they will cover the diversity of the 6 tea families, tasting exemplar teas within each category. Kyle will explain how each of the teas are made and what sets each tea family apart. Lots of useful information!


3. Every Saturday, at 10am – Postcard Teas School: discussing different teas at each session, £20ADAVNCED BOOKING is ESSENTIAL!

Every Saturday between 10-11am, they will host a relaxed one-hour tasting of teas from areas Timothy has visited complete with illustrated tasting notes.


4. Saturday, 4 July, at 16.00 in Warren Street - Coffee, Tea and Kisses with Kyle, FREE

Join Kyle from Tea Studio in a exploration of speciality teas. Learn about origins of teas and how they are made. We will explore a different tea every 15-20 minutes, pop in any time. The event takes place at London's only relationships cafe and an inclusive space to build all kinds of relationships, and to explore all aspects of them

6. Tuesday, 7 July at 17.30 in Buddha Bar - Japanese Tea Ceremony: Three-Course Meal & Two Cocktails, £45

Join Buddha Bar team as they explore the 15th century Samurai roots of the Japanese Tea Ceremony for the first time EVER in London. See how to wear a Kimono. Take in exclusive Japanese Tea Calligraphy. Find out why Green Tea is the new coffee. Sample Matcha, Sencha, Gyokuro amongst many more types of Tea. Indulge, as they spoil you with the exclusive new Buddha Special Menu



6. Fridays, 10 & 24 June and , at 14.00 and 15.00 at British Museum – Japanese Tea Ceremony demonstration by Urasenke InstituteFREE.

I wrote a blog post about my previous visit and impressions last time I went, which explains very well what this demonstration is about:

9. Sunday, 12 July, at 12pm - Chinese Tea and Dim Sum Brunch Club with PaoCha in Streatham, London£20 – NEARLY SOLD OUT!

Discover tea and dim sum in combination! With hundreds of aromas of Chinese tea to be exploring, Sam and Alex (Sinophiles/foodies/tea obsessives) would like to introduce the diversity of this delightful beverage by hosting their very own tea (not supper) club in the delights of our Streatham abode. Where London does brunch, Southern China does Dim Sum; a good selection of Chinese tea and small light dishes. PaoCha therefore, invites you their very own Chinese style brunch of copious amounts of tea ranging from TieGuanYin Oolong, to Pu’er, to Fuding’s best White tea, and a good filling of Chinese inspired food!

10. Sundays, 12 & 26 July, from 11-6pm - A POP UP ORIGAMI POETRY CAFE with Teasomewhere on the canal in Islington£10.

This event brings together a passion for tea, poetry and beautiful origami all together as a beautiful package. It includes a personalised poem on an origami model by their professional poet together with a home baked cake and lovely afternoon tea will spoil your senses. Enjoy the landscape of hundreds of flying origami  birds, floating boats and swans, and lovely flowers. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere with bird songs in the background. Add aroma to your origami with a scented paper…

11. Thursday, 14 Julyat 14.00 in SE London - Tea Meditation with me, FREE

Tea meditation is a Mindfulness meditation. It is performed in noble silence with me gently and quietly guiding through it in the beginning. There will be an opportunity to talk before and after meditation, and small snacks will be provided afterwards. We rarely have time to just be with whatever is there, in the present moment. To just sit down, and be totally in the process of drinking tea. And when we do that, magic happens.

12. Thursday, 14 July, at 19.00 in Docklands - Tea Brewing Masterclass with Tea Studio, £20

Learn (and taste) why its so important to brew tea correctly and the key points to doing this. During the masterclass you'll taste both badly (to show the difference) and expertly brewed teas as well as learning traditional and modern methods for brewing specialist teas. All of course with plenty of discussion and advice so you can make your tea brewing experience better every time.

13. Wednesday, 15 July, at 7pm - Tea and Cheese Tasting with Tea Studio in Notiing Hill. £25

I went there in November and even now, at the memory of all those delicious combinations of amazing cheeses and teas, I almost faint from taste bud pleasure… Highly recommended! I also reviewed this event previously in one of my posts, please check it out!


14. Sunday, 19 June, 3-5pm - Chinese Tea Tasting Workshop in Waterloo, £20, in English

I have never been to one of these before, and it seems to be organised by the Chinese descendants from Hong Kong, who are passionate about maintaining and promoting chinese culture in the West. Looks really good! I spoke once with Selina, who organises it, and she seemed really lovely.

16. Saturday, 25 July, at 11.00 in Docklands - Journey of the Humble Leaf with Tea Studio, £20

Over the two hours, they will cover the diversity of the 6 tea families, tasting exemplar teas within each category. Kyle will explain how each of the teas are made and what sets each tea family apart. Lots of useful information!


18. Thursday, 30 July, at 19.00 in Docklands - Matcha Masterclass with Vivid Drinks, £24 - CANCELLED

During the event you will be guided through matcha samplings and learn all about the various matcha grades. Experts from Tea Studio and Vivid Drinks will give you an understanding of Matcha and its origions. Uncovering its history and how matcha is made. I will be there making some photos, so hopefully see you there!