One part of my journey was and still is Tantra - after all, Kashmir Shivaism is a relative of Japanese Zen and Chinese Chaan. Kashmir Shivaism is all about senses, experience, living life totally, savouring each moment fully, experiencing each moment with each cell of your body. That’s what Tantra is about too.

And to me Tea Ceremony is so inherently tantric. It engages all our senses, takes us from our Minds to our Hearts, to our Body, and if we are able to do that, it forces us to have a direct experience of life, of Being. What happens is making love to life through Tea. It’s a beautiful experience, if we are able to really be in our body, and feel tea rather than think about it through all our concepts and ideas and beliefs.

At some point in my life I did a few sessions with Tantra Journey organisation in London, which views tantric bodywork as a way of emotional trauma release. My really good friend Julija was working there and she offered a few complimentary sessions to me with her teacher Mal. I agreed, and I have to say, those sessions were really powerful, a catharsis of some sort. Lots was coming up to the surface, emotions, feelings, movement, tears, uncontrollable laughter, screams. After a 6 hour session (!!!!) I felt like I just finished a one week psychotherapy retreat - it felt so powerful. I realised a lot about my own blocks, conditioning - well, at least I started seeing it - before that it was a blind spot to me.

It was a powerful process and I definitely recommend this, especially if there was some sexual or emotional or physical abuse in your history.

But what happened after that is that my whole body was vibrating - and when I was drinking tea during my morning sittings with Her - it was vibrating even more, the sensations that come close to describing it were truly orgasmic. “Making Love with Life through Tea” was experienced as reality.

I shared it in the PR meeting that this school has organised, and one of the journalists got really interested in in this. And the result of this interest is this article in Vintage Life Magazine (Issue 84, November 2017), where we discuss Tea, presence and feeling orgasmic with Tea - of course.

If you would like to experience this tantric healing, I highly recommend Julija here https://tantrichealingtherapy.com/therapist/julia-vaya-mai - she is an amazing tantric healing therapist with many years of experience, and she always holds courses and workshops.

Here is the article:

Drink Tea and Be Orgasmic