We have collaborated with Gazelli Wellbeing in South Kensington to hold New Moon Tea Ceremony and Sharing Circle with the theme of ROSE for the New Moon in Cancer.

To give you a feel for what the Tea Ceremony is about and to introduce me to their customers, they asked me a few questions, which resulted in a beautiful interview - the one that gives a glimpse into my life and journey into Tea.

We’re delighted to be welcoming Lera from T-Lovers to Gazelli House on 2 July for a New Moon Tea Ceremony and Circle – a ceremony that invites you to slow down and connect with yourself, others and nature at the start of the new lunar cycle, a time that’s associated with setting new intentions and visions.

Lera struggled for find purpose in her City job in investment banking, which despite offering security left her feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. She knew she needed to discover her passion and tried embroidery, fashion, jewellery-making, kickboxing, bodywork, astrology, trapeze and corporeal mime. But it was after meeting a ‘magic woman’ that Lera found her true calling. We were intrigued to find out more…

Tell us more about the moment you were told that tea was your calling?

 After searching for thirty-three years for my perfect vocation, I found a blog about this woman, and decided she was my last chance. I really surrendered. I thought, whatever she tells me, I will do it. If she tells me that the financial industry is what I’m going to be best at, I’ll go back to the office. But thankfully she didn’t. She told me many things, among which was tea – and as soon as she said tea, I had a strong resonant feeling in my heart, which I knew I needed to delve deeper into. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

What does living a slow life mean to you?

Living slow to me means really taking my time to enjoy and savour what I’m doing. Taking time to appreciate things, to feel them – not on autopilot, but mindfully, with awareness. It also means being in tune with our needs at any point in time – feeling when we need to sleep, when we need to take a pause and when we need to work. It means making space in our days to fulfil our needs, and making them our priority. 

Tell us more about the tea ceremony you are going to be hosting at Gazelli House.

It will be a New Moon Tea Ceremony and Circle. The new moon marks the beginning of the new lunar cycle and with that comes new intentions and new visions. For the Tea Ceremony, we’ll sit in silence together – so we can be still and really listen to our own inner wisdom. This is the only wisdom that is true for us, but we can only hear it when we take our attention within and really listen. We’ll then share whatever comes from the heart. The tea will be a blend of tea and rose – rose is an incredible heart medicine. Everything in the Tea Ceremony is designed for us to connect with our senses, our body, to go within and trust our own inner teachings.