Last Saturday I was invited to hold Rose Tea Tasting for Malvern Luxury Buildings in collaboration with Squires Garden Centre in Surrey. The tasting was part of a larger Rose Festival event that was all about the queen of the garden herself - ROSE.

It was the hottest day of this year and the garden with all the roses there looked and felt amazingly beautiful. The smell was divine, and the garden buildings where the tea tasting took place were perfect for the occasion.

I chose three teas - simple rose buds from Pakistan, White Darjeeling Tea infused with Rose Petals and Rose and Cardamom Tea (with green rooibos, apples and a touch of Mint). They were all a huge success, and also all had a cooling effect on the body. Rose and white tea are cooling by nature, green rooibos, mint and apples too. The only ingredient that was a little bit warming was Cardamom - but it was a well received exceptions as most people attending the tasting loved its taste.

Even though in my work I focus mainly on Chadao Tea Ceremonies and Meditation - I really enjoyed holding this particular event. Spending morning in the sun surrounded by roses, but mostly by the people - curious minds who joined the tasting. Most of them didn’t know the event is happening, and stumbled across it while strolling through the rows of roses looking for the one they want to buy home. Joining the tasting spontaneously and discovering the whole new world of loose leaf teas and actually loving every single minute of it.

I am always amazed by how everyone responds to Tea and the beauty it brings into our life, sometimes unexpectedly. How a simple cup of tea with or without rose can change the course of our day and induces more brightness in our eyes, energy in our bodies and peace in our minds.

Malvern Gardens also wrote an amazing BLOG POST on how to make your own rose tea and how to cook with rose too!