This is my usual morning companion - Kabusecha green tea. When I drink it, my morning are filled with love, gratitude, inspiration and thirst for Life. And this morning I am also reading a book. An amazing book called "From Onions to Pearls". Which acts in exactly the same way as a Kabusecha tea, only in the shape of a book! In other words it fills you with LOVE, Gratitude, Inspiration and Enthusiasm for LIFE.

It is written by a guy, who, at the age of 54, was put into prison for ecstasy production. And that's where he got awakened. All his life he was a spiritual seeker, following all spiritual practices, and trying out numerous things. He was also leading a luxurious lifestyle with private jets and several houses. And then at 54 he got into a high security prison with 32 inmates in one room, an open toilet, no air conditioning and everyone going completely crazy. He stayed there for 2 years, not knowing if he will ever get out. And that's where his sense of identity crumbled with the awakening taking place.

His teachings are the ones of Advaita Vedanta, of non duality. Every time I read his book it feels like I am at the Satsang, and each time something deep shifts in me. The way I see the world, life, other people and situations. Karma, God, Consciousness, Free Will - I suspected before that all of them are not what they seem, and this book confirmed it!

"Consciousness is All there is. You are not the doer. You don't have to win awakening by your own efforts. JUST BE and know WHO you really are. Then kick back and enjoy the parade as it passes by!"