Yesterday I did a private tea tour in London for three amazing girls, one of which booked it as a birthday present to herself. They also wanted to end it with the chinese tea ceremony. Usually we do tea tours in the morning and finish at a cafe, where we have tea and a dressert. But girls could only do it in the afternoon. Which was still ok (I thought), as a cafe closes at 5 or so. However, when I came in the morning to drop off my bag with all the teaware for a tea ceremony, I found out that they close at 4pm, exactly the time, when we were supposed to arrive! After some discussion, they said that it's ok to come and sill have it, but there will be a mess, and lots of deliveries taking place. Of course it was not ideal, as in my mind, when people ask for a tea ceremony, they expect something cosy, magical, quiet and nice. And I wasn't sure if this kind of atmosphere could happen with doors slamming and deliveries taking place. But then I realised that whatever is - is. And because I really cannot do anything about it at that moment, then the tea ceremony will be perfect as it is, whatever and however it is. And so I relaxed and trusted Life that whatever will be it will be the best and the most perfect tea ceremony for that particular situation.

And the strange thing - it was. By Mind's judgement it was not ideal by all means - when we arrived at a patisserie / cafe/ bakery, all the chairs were already stack together, huge trays with desserts were moved from one side to another, lots of people walking, a photo session taking place of the owner with his desserts, and lots of discussions and talks. BUT! The girls LOVED it! They said it was the most amazing experience to be in a bakery after the closing hours, and see the life in the backstage, so to say. Every time they had a sip of tea, they then turned around to discover another huge tray full of new desserts - sometimes there were 100 brownies, the next time it was an abundance of salted caramel cakes, yet another full of strawberry ganache. Every time they had a delightful sigh, and amazement about all this abundance and beauty - almost the heaven of desserts! The owner gave us mince pies as a present, and the whole atmosphere was magical. Patisserie as a back scene, a tea ceremony with the powerful tea, friendly people, and smells of freshly baked cakes and desserts.

It all came out better than anyone expected. And that's what happens when we just relax and let life live through you, as it is - because everything is perfect already.

Thank you Comptoir Gourmand for this magical amazing experience and always supporting all our tea endeavours with your wonderful hospitality! Our Tea Tour and Tea Ceremony was amazing!