Tea Events this week in London 16-22 March


There are lots of tea events in London this week, to suit any taste or language - from tea and cheese pairing, meditative tea ceremony with gongs to tea tasting tours and walks. Have a look! 1. Wednesday, 18 March, at 7pm - Tea and Cheese Tasting in Notting Hill (La Cave Fromage) led skilfully and passionately by Kyle, in ENGLISH, £20

I reviewed this event previously in one of my posts and now this is another opportunity for me to say how amazing this event is. Explosion of tastes and aromas will blow your mind, literally. Highly recommended!!!

2. Wednesday, 18 March, at 8pm - in Covent Garden – Tea Ceremony and Gong Bath, in ENGLISH, £18

My favourite tea fairy Kat Bambul is conducting yet another magical journey into tea and gongs. Not to be missed!

That’s what she writes about the tea ceremony herself: “Gong Fu Tea Ceremony is a beautiful and meditative ritual of preparing and drinking tea, taking it’s roots from Dao, Zen and Buddhist traditions where tea is considered as a spiritual drink. We drink loose leaf tea from the old, naturally growing trees in the wild, rich in substances affecting our consciousness and the body. High quality tea induces a deep meditative state, philosophical and creative mindset, a feeling of contentment, freedom and openness to the mystical. During the ceremony we appreciate the beauty of here & now, indulge all our senses and contemplate on tea, it’s setting, ourselves and our connection with nature. We connect with the spirit of the tea, and let ourselves flow in a timeless zone between heaven and earth.”

3. Saturday, 21 March, at 10am – Postcard Teas School - The Blues – Oolong teas from Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan£20ADAVNCED BOOKING is ESSENTIAL!

Every Saturday between 10-11am, they will host a relaxed one-hour tasting of teas from areas he has visited complete with illustrated tasting notes.