Tea Events this week 23 Feb - 1 March 15


This week there are just a couple events related to tea. It seems it has quietened down in the last week of February. But T-Lovers and Whittington's Tea Emporium remain active! :) 1. Tuesday, 24 February at 6.30pm - Tea and Cheese Tasting with Whittington's Tea Emporium in Greenwich, £20

I reviewed this event previously in one of my posts and now this is another opportunity for me to say how amazing this event is. Explosion of tastes and aromas will blow your mind, literally. Highly recommended!!!


2. And if you are in Birmingham this Saturday, the usual Tea Club, run by an amazing soul Nick at the Buddhist Centre, takes place at 11am, donation basis. Nick is moving to London soon, so this tea club is not going to happen very often from now on, so this is a good opportunity to take part in the tea meditation with Nick while it's still there. :)

Hope to see you there!!!