On Serving Tea with your HEART ♥

rukyo What is more important - having a perfect tea ceremony visually, or having it done imperfectly but with the heart full of Love?

Once Rikyu took two disciples to have tea with an old man, quite poor, who made exquisite iron tea kettles.

The man’s hut was shabby, his utensils inferior and mismatched, his tea not of the best quality. His hands shook as he performed the ceremony, and at one point he even dropped the tea scoop.

Walking home with Rikyu, the two disciples couldn’t help but draw attention to all the man’s short comings as a host.

Rikyu upbraided them, saying, “His tea was superb. He used his best utensils, gave us his best tea, and served us with all the sincerity of his heart. He is your master.”

Many though there be Who with words or even hands Know the Way of Tea Few there are or not at all Who can serve it from the heart

Though you wipe your hands And brush off the dust and dirt From the tea vessels What’s the use of all thus fuss If the heart is still impure?