Private Tea Ceremony

Private Tea Ceremony


Private Tea Ceremony can be arranged in the space of your own home, or at another location, organised by you. It lasts approximately 1.5 hours, with approximately 1 hour extra to set up and clear before and after the event. 

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London Private Tea Ceremony

Private Tea Ceremonies are perfect as a gift to your loved one, or as a unique setting for a celebration or party. Something unusual to experience instead of the usual food and alcohol events. Tea is a great connector so having Tea in a ceremonial setting with friends or family can be a very bonding and warming experience for everyone. 

It can be done in the way you prefer - either as a silent and meditative Tea Ceremony, or as a Tea Tasting experience with my knowledge shared with you. We can discuss it before the event.

Number of people:   8
Included:                   Tea and Refreshments, Tea Ceremony