Private Tea Tour

Private Tea Tour


If you would like to immerse into the rich world of tea through a tea tour privately, then this option is for you. We can do a private tour from the ones that are currently available, or create a bespoke one just for you (please send an e-mail to for options and a quote)

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With the private tea tour we can choose from the tours already available, or tailor one specifically for you (please send me an e-mail for options and prices).

The benefit of the private tea tour is that it can be done exclusively for you and your group. As many questions can be asked with regard to the Teas and places. We can stop wherever we want and for however long we desire. We can flow and enjoy ourselves. I am yours for 3 hours and we can have a more personal experience as a result.

With bespoke tea tours I can tailor it to your needs and wishes, and we can create a focus specifically on what you are interested in. Only the best of the best tea places in London can be covered, and we will not be restricted to one area of London only. We can concentrate on history, or tea tasting, or artisans and the art of slow living. We can add a tea ceremony at the end. Or have Afternoon Tea. The choice is yours.

Meeting Point:   Various Locations

Duration:            2-3 hours

Cost:                   Please enquire for options and prices

Details:              Please contact me first to agree on dates and format here: