Tea Events in London 27 April- 3 May


Not so many tea events this week, but I am sure you will be in LOVE with the ones that are happening! 1. Thursday, 30 April, at 1pm - Tea Meditation with T-Lovers, South East London (Zone 1/2), FREE

For this meditation, which is a Mindfulness Meditation, we will be brewing tea in the Chinese tradition, and usually I am using special teas with special energy. It will probably be Puerh tea from wild growing trees that are 1,200 years old. Or a special tea called Enlightenment. In any way these kind of teas will make it easier to connect to ourselves and feel our own energy connecting with the energy tea and creating a special experience for us. Small snacks will be provided. I am so looking forward to sharing teas with you!

2. Saturday, 2 May, at 10am – Introduction to Tea – Teas from India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and China£20ADAVNCED BOOKING is ESSENTIAL!

Every Saturday between 10-11am, they will host a relaxed one-hour tasting of teas from areas he has visited complete with illustrated tasting notes.

3. Sunday, 3 May, 11-5pm - A POP UP ORIGAMI POETRY CAFE with Teasomewhere on the Regents Canal, £10.

This event brings together a passion for tea, poetry and beautiful origami all together as a beautiful package. It includes a personalised poem on an origami model by their professional poet together with a home baked cake and lovely afternoon tea will spoil your senses. Enjoy the landscape of hundreds of flying origami  birds, floating boats and swans, and lovely flowers. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere with bird songs in the background. Add aroma to your origami with a scented paper…

£10 per person includes a poem on an origami model, a cake and a tea. Please check for location on their website: http://www.thefloatingshowroom.com/upcoming-events

Big hug!