The beauty of White Tea

white tea buds White Tea

... is so pure and clean that to be able to appreciate it you need to be pure and clean within yourself too. Not everyone likes this tea. You need to grow to its level. If you smoke, or if you eat fried chicken wings from KFC, or if you drink vodka on a regular basis - you will not be able to feel its subtle and fragile taste, which stays and expands on your tongue with the aftertaste of thousands of small honeydew drops.

It is the most unprocessed and unfermented tea out of all of them. The buds are picked from the tea bush and withered in the natural sunlight, so it keeps most enzymes and juices, and also keeps and contains the power of the sun!

White tea got its name from the very fine white-silvery hair on the tea buds, which makes them look whitish (and hairy!)

White tea is full of antioxidants, which has numerous positive effects on your body.

I love this tea a lot for its subtle taste and aroma, for the feeling of a gentle motherly hug and for the knowing that this universe loves and cares about me... :)