Tea and Rap go hand in hand

Basta tea2 Russian rapper Basta has been a big fan of chinese tea for a long time. In 2010 he released a song called "A Tea Drunk". According to him a "tea drunk" is someone who is madly in love with tea and knows everything about it.

However, russian teenagers interpreted it differently. :) After this song was released, sales of tea peaked, as young people flooded tea shops in search of a "high" they thought they can get from drinking tea. They sent numerous letters to the famous rapper, asking him to explain in detail a method for brewing tea, which leads to an altered state of consciousness.

Basta replied: "I can tell you for sure that you cannot get to these kind of states from drinking tea. If you are seeking for a "drug" effect - of course, you will not get it. Tea is about a different culture and philosophy, and slightly different states of being."