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  • Monument Station Fish Street Hill London, England, EC3R 6DB United Kingdom (map)
London Tea Tour Monument

Where:              Monument
When:               Some Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings
Next dates:    1 July, 14 July, 11 August
Duration:        2-3 hours
Cost:                 £30 (includes tea at the end of the walk)
                           £20 (does not include tea)

In this second part we will continue our journey with The Leaf, but now following its life in Britain. Walking slowly through the alleyways of London's City we will try to feel how it conquered the hearts of so many British people. Although there will be plenty of historical and practical tea information in the walk, we will focus more on the sensorial, feeling part.

Looking at the river while sipping tea and feeling how it would have felt to stand there 300 years ago during one of the Frost Fairs where tea and coffee was served. Walking through narrow streets passing by warehouses where tea was stored and imagining how it would have felt to work there with all the aroma. Finding our own connection to Tea as a result of learning and experiencing its history and culture.

We will learn:

  • When and how tea smuggling flourished in the UK
  • What the English Tea ceremony look like in the 18th century, and also when and how it was created
  • How the area of Monument and Charles II (who features on the Monument itself) are related to tea
  • Which famous person was called a "hardened and shameless tea drinker" in the 18th century
  • Where the house of the first governor of the East India Company stood
  • Where tea auctions took place for almost 319 years
  • Where and why the East India Company was storing its tea
  • In which church most of the people from the tea world are buried, as well as mother goose and another woman, who is thought to have brought the Great Plague into London

As part of our journey, I will serve tea in the coldest (or in summer – hottest) spots to keep you full of energy and to engage our senses. In addition to that, if you choose an option to end the walk with tea, we will finish the walk with Tea in a beautiful place immersing more into the world of senses and tastes, and a little bit of socialising.

The tour involves a decent bit of walking and visiting lots of sites, which are quite spread out