Group Tea Ceremonies currently take place two times a week:

  • Monday afternoons at 1pm - at LifeSpace Healing in Notting Hill

  • Monday evenings at 8pm - at RE:MIND Studio in Belgravia

  • Tuesday evenings at 8pm in my home on the border of SE1/SE17

  • Once a Month on Tuesdays in Plant Hub in Hackney

  • Twice a Month on Full Moon and New Moon - women only - in different locations


Tea Ceremonies are performed on Donation with minimum suggested donation 20GBP. However, I strive to accommodate everyone with all kinds of income, so if you would like to donate a different amount please contact me, and we can come to an agreement.

During Tea Ceremonies we gather together and connect with each other and the world around us through sharing tea in noble silence, coming back yet again to our centre, our hearts, our beings. We usually have some snacks afterwards and share our experience. For more information please e-mail me at

What the Tea Ceremony is about

These days it can be very hard to fit in the time to meditate. But it can be easier to find time to have tea. Also, sometimes, when something is not working or you are very tired after the whole day at work, when you try to sit for meditation, your mind is often overwhelmed by numerous thoughts - it is difficult to just sit and meditate and let go.

Tea centres and calms us down, and it is such a beautiful and peaceful way to bring meditation back into our daily lives. Many spiritual teachers, such as Osho, Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha - all talked about tea and how drinking it slowly and with awareness can lead you to enlightenment, or at the very least - to seeing who you really are and experiencing harmony in your life.


Group sessions: 1-2.5 hours and includes ceremony, sharing and healthy snacks (nuts, chocolate, fruits)

Private bookings: 1hour


Tea meditation is a Mindfulness meditation. It is performed in noble silence with me gently and quietly guiding through it. There will be an opportunity to talk before and after meditation, and small snacks will be provided afterwards.

During tea meditation we shall focus our attention on tea, examine its colour, aroma. Tune into tea. Watch carefully how water merges with fire. Feel teaware with all our being. Feel that our body is also a precious vessel. Perform each movement with complete awareness and presence, always remembering the importance of every object, every action.

Simply drinking tea, brewing it, listening to the sound of wind outside and the sound of boiling water – this is the way to inner harmony and balance of mind, an opportunity to be in a present moment without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Tea provides this opportunity to everyone.


Yoga Schools: it can be a wonderful way to add a tea ceremony/meditation at the end of a yoga class or have it done separately as a special event, or a part of the existing event.

Retreat Centers of any kind: if you are running a retreat and would like to add a meditation or workshop that is very special and beautiful, it is a great workshop to add to your event.

Corporate Sector: in the corporate world it is often quite difficult to distress and be calm in the middle of the work day. A mindful cup of tea can centre and re-balance us, helping to focuson the important things at work.

Tea Ceremony workshop can be added to your team building event or performed on an individual basis tailored to your particular needs and preferences.