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  • Globe House Yoga 88 Whites Grounds England, SE1 3JU United Kingdom (map)

Where: >>> Globe House Yoga in London Bridge
When: >>> Sunday, 8 September 3pm
Cost: >>> from £20 (low income places are available at £15, please contact me)

In this intimate Tea Ceremony we sit with Tea for an hour and then explore the ways in which Tea Ceremony can be a daily meditation practice as well as healing for our body, mind and spirit.

One of the very powerful human practices is to live life connected to our senses. Yet, how often do we do it? We go through life jumping from one thing to another, thinking about things, people, situations, having concepts and ideas about them, and not seeing them as they are. As a result of being in our heads we miss the opportunity for real connection.

When we engage all or most of our senses at the same time, we drop from our head to our body, from our mind to our heart. And another sense is created - the Sense of the Heart. We can no longer be in our thoughts, taking in life through concepts, beliefs and ideas. Instead, we are then able to have a direct, meaningful, deep and intimate experience of Being. Of our life. And that's what we ultimately crave for - intimacy with life. Experiencing magic in everyday moments , in the mundane, in the ordinary. From moment to moment. When we are able to do that profound healing happens.

Tea is a gentle yet powerful Plant Medicine that encourages us to do that. It engages all our senses at the same time - sight, smell, taste, feel, sound. Performing each movement with complete awareness and presence, we remember the importance of every object, every action. "How you do anything is how you do everything," - Wu De, my teacher from Global Tea Hut constantly reminds us. Tea is a great Teacher to cultivate that.