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The Elements Tea Ceremony

  • Rachel Entwistle Jewellery 5A Club Row London, England, E1 6JX United Kingdom (map)
By Sophie Harris Taylor


A Tea Ceremony is a space where magic, healing and nourishing happens. It is about slowing down and connecting - with ourselves, each other and the world around us. Through sharing tea in noble silence we are coming yet again to our centre, our hearts, our being.

Tea is such a powerful yet gentle and caring Medicine Plant. While everyone is sitting at the same Tea Ceremony, drinking the same Tea from the same bowls - everyone will be given exactly what they need and affected so differently by Her. There is a dance of five elements in the Tea Ceremony. We need kettle to hold water, and fire to heat it up. We pour water into a teapot made from clay/earth and hot water and air combined allow the Leaf to open up and give to us totally what She has to give. Creating space in our hearts (air) to receive, heal and connect.

During the tea ceremony, we shall focus our attention on tea, examine its colour, aroma. Tune into tea. Watch carefully how water merges with fire. Feel teaware with all our being. Feel that our body is also a precious vessel. Perform each movement with complete awareness and presence, always remembering the importance of every object, every action. "How you do anything is how you do everything," - Wu De, my teacher from Global Tea Hut constantly reminds us. Tea is a great Teacher to cultivate that.