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New Moon Tea Ceremony and Women's Circle - Taurus

  • Globe House Yoga 18-20 Crucifix Lane London, England, SE1 3JW United Kingdom (map)

Where: >>> Globe House Yoga in London Bridge
When:  >>> Sunday, 13 May 2018, at 6.00pm (and Sunday, 15 April 2018 at 6pm)
Cost:    >>> Contribution

"New Moon is in Taurus, and being an Earth sign, now is a perfect time to connect with the Earth. Lean up against a tree, bask in its wisdom and presence. The same elements that help grow the tree, have helped our bodies grow: oxygen and sun, water and Earth. We can view ourselves as a soil and fodder for our wishes and goals to take hold. What is the state of your personal soil? What though seeds are you planting in the garden of your mind? What thought actions are you undertaking? What communication are you giving your subconscious, your community, and the universe via thoughts, the words you speak, where you decide to place your body, what you decide to do with your time? Take a few time slots this week to get absolutely in touch with being sacred. With your dreams. With your body messages." (Many Moons book)

Women’s circles are a magical place for connection with ourselves, our sisters, our tribe. Something that most of us are missing and longing for in our hectic modern lives – deep sense of community, sisterhood, belonging and meaningful connection with likeminded women. Here we grow and heal together. Tea Ceremony deepens this connection and also our connection to Nature and Moon. Through the magical ritual of Tea Ceremony we are able to relax, go deeper into our bodies and connect to our own knowing and wisdom.

I am also a Vortex Healer - Vortex being an energy healing and awakening path, which heals on all levels - physical, emotional, karmic. After the Tea Ceremony I will do a Group Healing on whatever this New Moon brings up.

The time of New Moon is usually primed for new beginning, setting of intentions. This is the time to make new plans, and act on them too.


>>> Introductions (the moon, the tea, ourselves – what we intend to begin this cycle)
>>> Opening Meditation (to get us in their bodies)
>>> Silent Tea Ceremony (to connect to ourselves and everyone in the group)
>>> Group Vortex Healing
>>> Group Sharing {share your experiences, insights, longings)
>>> Closing Meditation

I will be brewing a special heart opening Tea for the Tea Ceremony on the night. Tea is such a powerful medicine plant, but it’s so human and gentle, and it cares. Tea from ancient and wise tea trees has the ability to connect us to our hearts, take us on a very gentle journey and heal us.

It is donation based. Minimum suggested donation is £15. Advance donation is recommended, as places fill up. 

Please note, NO REFUNDS are offered, however the booking might be moved to another date IF I am notified at least two days before the event takes place. Regardless of the reason, if I am notified after that time of your inability to attend, the booking is not going to be moved. The ticket, however, can be transferred to another woman.

The seating is done on the floor. Comfortable clothing is recommended. After tea we will share some healthy snacks.

I am looking forward to sharing a bowl of tea with you all!

Useful Links:

Global Tea Hut ( - a non profit organisation based in Taiwan, which promotes Living Tea - Tea growing wildly in nature, in harmony with natural environment, with no pesticdes and agrochemicals. This kind of Tea is a Plant Medicine to our body, mind and spirit. GTH is a subscrition service where for $20 a month you will get a magazine full packed of articles about Tea and Spirituality, a sample of amazing tea and a little present. You will fall in LOVE!