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  • Gazelli Wellbeing 174 Walton Street London, England, SW3 2JL United Kingdom (map)


The aroma, the taste, the colour and the aftertaste of tea are all representative of the balance of your mind, spirit and lives.

In the process of serving tea we create a relationship between the tea host and guests. And this creates such a deep bonding experience! Sometimes it is done in silence, and sometimes the knowledge about tea, stories and laughter are exchanged, but the result is always of that strong special bond between people drinking tea.

With each cup of tea we share love, compassion, peace, gratitude, harmony. As a result, tea events, and especially tea ceremonies, almost always bring a feeling of balance and contentment back into our lives. As well as a feeling of companionship with the people we shared your tea with.

Tune into the precious ceremony of tea with the lovely Lera from @withtlovers as she guides you through the importance of awareness and presence with all your being during this special, gentle event that calls you to pause and reconnect.

During this approximately hour and a half long session, you will:

  • Get an introduction to Lera and tea ceremony, with a glass of our signature rose tea

  • A short meditation to balance and settle the senses

  • A guided tea ceremony in honour of

  • Sharing circle - a chance to share any thoughts or feelings

  • A short meditation to close

6pm - 8pm, tickets £20


What is Gazelli? It's a way of life.

We offer wellbeing services that provide manageable steps and tools to support the health of your skin, mind and spirit. We formulate performance led products that fit easily into your daily skin routine and support you at home. And we curate a range of likeminded brands within our retail offering that help you build inner strength and emotional wellbeing. We are here to bring balance into your life and inspire you to Live Beautifully.

“We believe the happiest people are those who have a healthy balance between their emotional and physical being; at Gazelli House tapping into this connection is at the root of everything we do.”

- JAMILA ASKAROVA (Creative Director & Co-Founder)