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GLASTONBURY - CHALICE WELL FESTIVAL - Tea Ceremony Talk and Demonstration

  • Chalice Well Trust 85-89 Chilkwell Street Glastonbury, England, BA6 8DD United Kingdom (map)


This Workshop is part of the festival organise by Chalice Well Trust and is called MANY PATHS -ONE SOURCE.

Exploring the Practice & Philosophy of Buddhism | 1-9 June 2019

Buddhism is an ancient spiritual path to self-realisation that has been followed for over 2,500 years and is the fourth largest religion in the world, practised by an estimated 500 million people.

In 2019 Chalice Well Trust will be holding a unique and ground-breaking festival, during which some of the main streams of Buddhism - TheravādaMahāyānaVajrayāna and Zen - will be explored, offering both a comprehensive perspective on the breadth of the philosophy and the opportunity to experience what lies at the heart of Buddhism.”

The ‘Way of Tea’

In this workshop Lera Zujeva will talk about the history of Tea, its origins, the journey of The Leaf and the history of the Tea Ceremony, its practice and benefits. 

For centuries Tea was viewed and used as a Plant Medicine, as something that deeply heals you on more than the physical level. Ancient Daoists realised that Tea works with the Mind, Body and Spirit and to be healthy means to be healthy in all three aspects. Tea flushes out the toxins, and brings peace and harmony to our lives. It connects us to the human and the ‘being’ part of the Human Being. To both mundane and sacred simultaneously. 

In Zen tradition Tea was used by Zen Masters to transmit, both physically and metaphorically, to their students, wisdom, Truth, that cannot be expressed in words, just by silence alone. 

Here we will explore the power of Tea, the power of this humble Leaf, to connect us to Life, ourselves and others in a profound way. To the deep profound intimate experience of being, of Life itself. 

There will be a demonstration of the Tea Ceremony in silence in the second part of the workshop.


The Chalice Well is among the best known and most loved holy wells in Britain. Many legends are attributed to its chalybeate waters, which flow ceaselessly at a steady rate and temperature that never varies. Not least among these is that they represent the blood of Christ miraculously springing forth from the ground when Joseph of Arimathea buried or washed the cup used at the Last Supper. For others the waters are acknowledged as the essence of life, the gift from Mother Earth to sustain its living forms and so a continuous spring like Chalice Well is a direct expression of an unbounded life force.