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  • Amp Studio The Arches London, SE15 1NL UK (map)

Secular Sabbath

Announce debut UK event in London featuring Rhye members Michael Milosh and Itai Shapiro 

Claire Courchene Thomas Lea and Jens Kuross

Sensory curation by Higher Self Care and Majestic Disorder:

Sun Potion presented by Rocio Graves
Tea Ceremony by T-Lovers
Massage by Soul Stretch Events
Kombucha by Kombucha Kat
Rug curation by A New Tribe

Scent by Incausa

Thursday 5th April

6pm - 10pm

Amp Studio, The Arches

London SE15 1NL

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Secular Sabbath announces a debut London event taking place Thursday 5th April 2018 at Amp Studio, The Arches. Secular Sabbath is a collective that consists of artists brought together to create an event inspired by a day of rest.

Creating the music will be Michael Milosh of Rhye, along with Itai Shapira, Claire Courchene, Thomas Lea, and Jens Kuross, with sensory curation by Higher Self Care and Majestic Disorder.

Guests will also be treated to potions by Sun Potion with Rocio Graves, Tea Ceremony with T-Lovers, massage by Soul Stretch Events, and fermented tea by Kombucha Kat. Guests can make themselves comfortable on rugs by A New Tribe in a room infused with scent by Incausa.

About Secular Sabbath

The Secular Sabbath collective consists of artists who aim to bring something special to the human experience, evolved out of the societal need to celebrate a day of rest, a time to settle, to set all compasses north for the approach week. Thus, observing the Secular Sabbath. The space is constructed of sensory experiences that invite guests to drop into their sensory selves: the way they hear, smell, taste, touch, and see.

The centre point is music, which is proven to have deep psychological and subliminal effects on human beings. Secular Sabbath have also played host to tea ceremony, a bodyworker with natural anointments distilled from her garden, a foraged plant installation in which guests sit, a poem store (your poem, your price), an interactive musical space, a singing plant zone (where people interact with a plant hooked up to a midi) and a collage zone. This experience usually flows for 4 hours, in which people are invited to come and leave, and lay down as they please.


Secular Sabbath

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Higher Self Care

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With thanks to:

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 Soul Stretch create beautiful healing spaces that invite people to relax and unwind. At Secular Sabbath they will integrate some Soul Stretch signature treatments for guests to have an enhanced evening and ease away those final knots of stress. They will offer a combination of Shiatsu, Acupressure and Chair Massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders all delivered by Soul Stretch top therapists, helping you to feel relaxed and nourished.

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 Sun Potion Transformational Foods is dedicated to health, happiness and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs.  They source the planet for potent, healing substances with the ability to transform consciousness and health, and only work with suppliers who meet their stringent quality standards and commitment to purity. Sun Option only source organic and/or wildcrafted products and they never use ingredients that have been chemically treated in any way. Sun Potion products are created and shared with integrity.  

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Kombucha Kat is an organic, living probiotic soft drink made by hand in the Cotswolds. Their raw, unfiltered kombucha is brewed slower, at lower temperatures for maximum probiotic benefit. Kombucha Kat is certified vegan and produced using only renewable energy. Brewed in small batches.

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 A New Tribe offer an eclectic curated selection of beautiful interior objects and textiles sourced from independent designers and small brands from around the world. Their offering includes unique products from Morocco, Japan, India, the UK and the USA - either hand-made or small batch production. A New Tribe is also home to 'The Rug Trade', with an extensive selection of Boucherouite, Azilal, and Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs including rare vintage finds and newly designed rugs hand-made using the traditional techniques in Morocco.

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Incausa is a social enterprise that uses the profit from their retail & wholesale stores to empower indigenous communities. 100% of the proceeds received from the sale of products from their indigenous collection are returned to the artisans makers. Incausa continuously learn the effects generated by capital to their communities with respect and humbleness.

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