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  • London Bridge Station Borough High Street (next to Natwest) London, England, SE1 United Kingdom (map)
Tea Tour in London

Where:                London Bridge
When:                 Some Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings
Next Dates:       30 June, 12 July, 19 August
Cost:                   £50 (includes Cream Tea in the Shard)
                             £20 (does not include Cream Tea)


Immerse yourself into the world of tea through this slow walk in and around London Bridge. There will be plenty of stories and fascinating facts about tea. But it will mainly be about slowing down and feeling. Connecting to Tea, and the magic it brought to people all over the world and Britain in particular. And not forgetting to enjoy ourselves in the process. We will end the walk with Cream Tea in the Shard - the tallest building in Europe (at the moment of writing this description). But there will be an option to do the walk without it. 

On this tea walk the main focus will be on the journey of tea, or how I call it - The Leaf – where it was born, how it came to Europe, and particularly England, how its popularity changed over time, where it was consumed, stored and sold.

We will learn:

- what the relationship between ornamental Camellia and the tea bush is, and actually meet a tea bush from Darjeeling. You will have a chance to compare both on the spot!

- what is the difference between Chinese and Indian teas

- how did Englishmen steal tea from the Chinese and what are they drinking now

- why it was that coffee houses and not tea houses first appeared in England

- how did the marriage of Charles II influence tea’s popularity

- which tea rooms inspired Charles Dickens

- which tea house Margaret Thatcher worked at and as who

- what is the connection between tea and the Tate Tate

For those choosing the option with Tea, we will end the walk with Cream Tea in the Shard and immerse into the British Tea Culture even more. 

Booking in advance is essential. This is because I need to know the numbers for the tea. If you can't find the desired date, I am also available for private and bespoke tea tours. Please send me an e-mail to

During this tour we will be spending more time at each site as the sites are situated close to each other.