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A Ceremony of Tea and Gongs

  • Zen Yoga 2D Camberwell Grove London, England, SE5 8RE United Kingdom (map)
Tea Ceremony and Gong Bath

Where -->> Zen Centre, Camberwell, London
When  -->> 22 April 2017, 5pm
Cost    -->> £25

A properly performed Tea Ceremony is the perfect exercise in Mindfulness. Exquisite aromas of fine teas, served in silence in a ritual that is ages old and as timeless as the hills on which the tea is cultivated. It’s an exploration of stillness and beauty, treating ourselves as precious vessels, appreciating every sip, scent, and nuance of flavour.

Combined with the power of a Gong Bath, performed with equal attention to the quality of sound and the physical effects on the body of vibration, this special double ceremony will guide you deeply into your inner self. It will be a treat for mind, body and soul; a time in which you can pamper yourself with wellbeing.

Additional Information

No water is involved in a Gong Bath; the pulses of sound cause the cells of the body to vibrate sympathetically with the frequencies produced by the instruments, delivering a massage at a level below conscious awareness - though sometimes this can be felt as tingling sensations in the body.

The effect can be to stimulate a healing response in muscles, joints, and tendons, and - because the brain easily enters a meditative brainwave state, there may also be a reduction in stress responses.

Gong Baths are contra-indicated if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or suffer from serious mental illness. Some medical implants are fine: please ask me first! Gong Bathing is otherwise beneficial for all.