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New Moon Tea Ceremony in NEAL'S YARD

  • Kitchen Pride Neal's Yard 2 Neal's Yard London, England, WC2H 9DP United Kingdom (map)
New Moon London

Where: Kitchen Pride in NEAL'S YARD, COVENT GARDEN, London
When:  Tuesday, 7pm
Cost:    £20

Neil’s Yard is a beautiful place known for its holistic feel and an amazing atmosphere.

We are gathering just a day before the actual New Moon takes place on Wednesday. Usually we have a special New Moon Gathering for Women on a monthly basis. But this is a New Moon Tea Ceremony open to all - men and women - for all of us drink Tea in the energy of New Moon coming, and reflecting on what new intentions and plans and visions to set up in order to follow our true course.

We will connect to ourselves and others through connection with Tea, and we will have a special raw dessert of your choice at the end of the tea ceremony!

Tea Ceremony is about Mindfulness. It is performed in noble silence with me gently and quietly guiding through it. There will be an opportunity to talk before and after meditation, and small snacks will be provided afterwards.

During tea ceremony we shall focus our attention on tea, examine its colour, aroma. Tune into tea. Watch carefully how water merges with fire. Feel teaware with all our being. Feel that our body is also a precious vessel. Perform each movement with complete awareness and presence, always remembering the importance of every object, every action.

Simply drinking tea, brewing it, listening to the sound of wind outside and the sound of boiling water – this is the way to inner harmony and balance of mind, an opportunity to be in a present moment without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Tea provides this opportunity to everyone.

Earlier Event: 16 October
Later Event: 18 October