T-Lovers at ShangCha- Private Networking and Premium Tea Tasting Event


Last week I was invited by a a Chinese Business Group to talk at a private Chinese networking event about Tea ad Spirituality, and also to do a Tea Meditation for those who are interested. The event went really great, better than I expected. I was so nervous about the speech I was supposed to do, preparing it of course the last minute. Then trying to remember the structure and points. Being very nervous and going there by bike with my son Sasha in the back seat. But as I said, it went really well, I caught myself that I am enjoying the speech so much (it can be seen from my facial expression on the photos)! I loved talking about Global Tea Hut community, about Wu De (you can see him on one of the projector pictures!), about Living tea, about Tea and Zen, about the trip to Yunnan - and showing the photos from that trip. I could see from people's faces and attentive eyes that they were touched by GTH's mission and message, and that most of them wanted to participate in a tea ceremony.

And I was quite high for a few days after it, and even managed to do a Sunrise Tea Ceremony the next morning at 4am. We are holding another Silent Sunrise Tea Ceremony this coming Sunday at 4.30am at the same place as before in Stave Hill in Russian Docks in London. You can join us in person or online. All information is HERE.