"Good Morning" Tea


This a Kabusecha green tea, which I call my "Good Morning" tea! With it my morning becomes good and more than that - it becomes great! I drink about 1 litre of it every morning (3 infusions in a 350ml tea pot) and straight away feel motivated, inspired, driven, enthusiastic and generally very very happy! Indeed, this tea is the perfect " Good Morning" Tea! Kabusecha is a Japanese green tea that is made of tea plants, that were shaded for approximately two weeks before the harvest. It's almost like a Gyokoro (which is shaded for 1 month) but less expensive! This shading process makes the leaves greener (they produce more chlorophyll), and packed with antioxidants, caffeine and amino acid called L-Theanine. This combination is bound to make you alert, focused, energised and happy! And all of it without the jittery effect that coffee usually has on us. Amazing little green treasure!