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My story was filmed for Air China commercial, and is a beautiful capture of what Tea Ceremony is and how it can have a profound transformative effect on our lives.

Follow the story of Lera, a tea specialist from London. We made her dream a reality with a trip to China to experience an authentic Chinese tea ceremony. When will you LandYourDream?”

Here, with T-Lovers we experience life through tea.

The aroma, the taste, the colour and the aftertaste of tea are all representative of the balance of your mind, spirit and lives.

In the process of serving tea we create a relationship between the tea host and guests. And this creates such a deep bonding experience! Sometimes it is done in silence, and sometimes the knowledge about tea, stories and laughter are exchanged, but the result is always of that strong special bond between people drinking tea.

With each cup of tea we share love, compassion, peace, gratitude, harmony. As a result, tea events, and especially tea ceremonies, almost always bring a feeling of balance and contentment back into our lives. As well as a feeling of companionship with the people we shared your tea with.

Tea connects people, brings balance and harmony, calms the mind and cultivates awareness

Tea Ceremony London
But ordinary tea can become extraordinarily beautiful – a tremendous experience if you enjoy it.
Enjoy it with deep reverence. Make it a ceremony: making tea …
listening to the kettle and the sound, then pouring the tea … smelling the fragrance of it;
then tasting the tea and feeling happy.
— Osho

What we offer

We offer Bespoke Tea Tours, Tea Workshops, Tea Ceremonies, Private Events and Tea + Healing Sessions. 

London Tea Tours and Walks

Tea tours and walks

We offer weekly scheduled group tea tours as well as bespoke ones tailored to your needs and preferences. There are Tea Tasting Tours, Tea and Lifestyle Tours, Immersion in Senses Through Tea and Tea Tours based around Tea History.

Bespoke Tea Workshops

bespoke tea workshops

Whatever your need we can offer a Bespoke Tea Workshops for you. Our main focus is Introduction to Chadao and The Way of Tea, immersion into the world of senses through Tea and practical choices and uses of Tea

Tea Ceremonies and Meditations

tea ceremonies

Tea Ceremony is a beautiful ritual that slows us down and connects us to ourselves, others and nature. Through Tea Ceremony we start seeing Magic in the Ordinary, in the mundane and are able to feel and experience life more fully.

Private Tea Events

private tea events

We offer private Tea Tours, Workshops and Tea Ceremonies and tailor them specifically to your needs. 



Tea Mission

MY Mission

My mission is to guide curious minds into the world of Tea through bespoke tea tours, workshops and tea ceremonies. My aim is to help others learn about its magical world and the art of Living Slowly. Through Tea we are able to create space for others to slow down, savour the moment and see the magic in the ordinary.


Our Teas

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